Sunday, 13 December 2015

#5 - Dark Web, Darknets

이번글에서는 다크웹(Dark Web)에 대해 조사해 보도록 하자.

다크웹(Dark web)[1]은 때로 딥 웹(Deep web)[2]과도 혼동해서 사용되기도 하고, 딥 웹 검색(Deep web search)[3]와도 같이 결합되서 사용되는 용어로, 다크넷(darknets)에 존재하는 World Wide Web을 말한다. 다크넷은 공개된 인터넷을 이용하지만, 다크넷에 접속하려면 특정 소프트웨어나 설정, 특정 접근 권한이 필요하다.

다크넷은 개인이나 조직이 운영하는 규모가 큰 Freenet, I2P, Tor 뿐만 아니라 작은 friend-to-friend, Peer-to-peer 네트워크도 포함된다. 다크넷은 웹 검색엔진에서 인덱스되어 검색되지 않은 웹의 부분들인 Dark web 들로 구성된다.

Deep Web과 관련된 재미있는 그림이 있다.[4]

University of Portsmouth의 가레스 오웬(Gareth Owen)은 2014년 12월에 Tor에서 가장 많이 요청되는 컨텐츠는 아동 포*노, 블랙마켓, 봇넷운영과 관련된 사이트들에 대한 내용이었다. 그 외에도 비트코인, 부정(fraud)과 관련된 컨텐츠들도 공유된다.

대표적인 Deep Web(darknets)과 네트워크를 운영하는 조직/사람에 대해 살펴보자. Darknets에 접속하는 가장 큰 목적은 익명성(anonymous)을 보장하기 위한 것이 가장 크다. Dakrnets에 접근하기 위해 사용되는 가장 대표적인 3가지 프로젝트로 아래 3가지가 있다.

1. Freenet[5]
2. I2P[6]
3. Tor[7]


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Ron Bray said...

"Good lord that’s awful. Part of the problem with defending certain freedoms to people who are getting their information on some topics exclusively from the media(I’m not bashing the media, but they can’t cover all the nuances of some topics) is that to them it can appear that you are defending monsters. I fully support the right of all people to have easy access to unbreakable cryptography, something which allowed these men to get away with and spread the contemptuous things they did for so long. To someone whose knowledge of Tor and the Darknet is this court case(and perhaps the unproven murder for hire accusations against Ross) then the only logical conclusion to draw is that I want children to be less safe and for child abusers to be able to get some kind of sick darknet fame while law enforcement is helpless against these men’s digital security. However, the same core technology(strong encryption) that holds Tor together is also what keeps us all from having our identities stolen every time we put our credit card information into Amazon.

On the topic at hand, I think people prefer to keep the darkest of the darknet a mythical unknown for several reasons. First, almost every single time there is a major deepweb child pornography bust the people arrested are just normal looking people; we don’t want to think that the people we see walking down the street every day may do unspeakable things when they’re alone. To a certain degree I think it’s less that humanity has a fear of the unknown as much as it has a compulsion to fear the unknown; these people, while the worst of the worst mankind has to offer, are a known fear, which makes them significantly less frightening than the untold monstrosities our imagination cooks up at the back of our minds.
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